Young: Disney cruise staffers must go through the process

After reports concerning a group of Trinidadian nationals who are stuck aboard a Disney Cruise Line surfaced, questions surrounding their possible return to T&T have been swirling.  

The group of 49 who are employees on the ship have applied for a unique type of exemption; they want the ship to dock in T&T’s waters. 

Responding to a question in Parliament on when the staffers would be allowed home, Minister of National Security, Stuart Young said, it’s not so simple. 

“We are very carefully managing re-entry into Trinidad and Tobago; the cruise ship companies should continue to keep all passengers safe, including their own staff. As we continue to manage our COVID-19 response via measures and the management of numbers entering Trinidad and Tobago, we will address the thousands of nationals outside of Trinidad and Tobago as we have been doing,” he said. 

Pressed further by MP Rudranath Indarsingh who explained that other CARICOM countries were accepting the citizens they had aboard the ships, Young reiterated that despite the measures taken by other countries, this country’s government is taking a more careful approach. 

“We are taking our own decisions; our own measurements and managing it very carefully based on the advice that we get from our medical public health experts and others outside of Trinidad and Tobago, at times,” he said. 

The staffers’ contract is set to end on May 29. 

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