Young confirms letter, but still didn’t know

Young confirms letter, but still didn't know

Absurdity, thy name is PNM. It is utterly incredible…no, wait, I'll rephrase that: it is beyond unbelievable this latest nonsense that Stewie is peddling in an effort to deflect blame from himself. Worse yet, he effectively throws his Permanent Secretary under the bus in the process, because that's who signed the approval letter under instruction from Stewie himself. What kind of Minister refuses to take responsibility for anything that happens in his own Ministry, especially when it's under his direction? That's the remit of the job, isn't it? The Permanent Secretary is essentially the Deputy Minister and reports directly to Stewie, and couldn't possibly have acted in this instance without his knowledge (his name isn't Moses, after all…). No no no – this is too much now, and Stewie needs to man up and – in proper Westminster tradition – stop lying, take responsibility, and resign. If you check the comments on his official Facebook page where he posted this latest bullshit excuse, even his own people are saying enough is enough and are calling on him to resign over it. Instead what we are seeing is an abdication of responsibility and a complete denial of any culpability by all the key figures in this sorry mess: Rowley said he didn't know who he met with, because nobody introduced themselves; Stewie says he didn't know who he granted entry approval to, it was the civil service that did it not him; Faris said he wasn't involved, so don't ask him, but don't worry it's all a UNC plot; and Moses had to have the US Embassy send him a printout to remind him of who's on their Venezuelan sanctioned list, even though the entire rest of the world has known since the sanctions were imposed. As Ralph Maraj is fond of saying, this isn't TnT – it's Absurdistan! Stewie: strap on a pair, put on your big boy pants, man up and just resign. And while you're at it, take your ridiculous cohorts with you. It's time for elections, people…

National Security Minister Stuart Young has indicated that the exemption letter granting permission for Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and her delegation to enter Trinidad on March 27 is authentic.
However, the Minister, in a Facebook post just before 10 p.m. on Thursday maintained that neither he nor Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley knew who were in the delegation and the details with respect to the names and aircraft number was dealt with by the public service.
Young noted the photograph of a letter dated March 26, 2020 from a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security to the Chief Immigration Officer indicating that the Minister of National Security granted an exemption for a Venezuelan delegation to enter Trinidad and Tobago on March 27, 2020.
"I have ascertained that this letter is authentic," he stated.
"It has been somewhat surprising to me how some have conveniently twisted this letter in a deliberate attempt to mislead the population and undermine the facts that have been outlined by the Prime Minister and myself," he added.
Young stated the following for the record:
1. This letter is completely consistent with what I stated previously, on Monday of this week at the Ministry of Health press conference (11 May, 2020).
2. I stated that I granted permission for Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez to enter Trinidad and Tobago.
3. Once the exemption to enter is granted, as was the case with Vice President Rodriguez, the public service deals with the details.
4. I was not aware of the composition of the delegation or the aircraft that would be used. Those details were handled by the public service as is always done.
5. The letter being referenced, simply confirms that the public service had details of the aircraft and persons in the delegation and that I had granted approval for entry.
The attempt to try and stretch the content of this letter from one public servant to another to equate to the Prime Minister or myself having knowledge of the details of the Venezuelan delegation or the plane, and its ownership, is misplaced.
I reiterate as follows:
1. Neither the Honourable Prime Minister nor myself had any knowledge of the composition of the Venezuelan delegation we were to meet, prior to the meeting on March 27, 2020.
2. There was also no knowledge on our part of the aircraft used by the Venezuelan delegation.
I trust that this serves to clear the deliberate doubt and ambiguity being created over this matter.

Young confirms letter, but still didn’t know

National Security Minister Stuart Young has indicated that the exemption letter granting permission for Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and her delegation to enter Trinidad on March 27 is authentic.