Xia Xia Pets

For all the fans of Zhu Zhu Pets and DaGeDar balls, Cepia created new tiny cuties called Xia Xia Pets. They will appear on the shelves this October 2011 and the price will vary from $4 to $10.

Now lets find out what the Xia Xia crabs are about? As you already guessed, this is a new line of interactive toys for kids by Cepia and this toys are crabs. Now lets go deeper and learn everything about them. First of all the name Xia Xia is pronounced as Sha Sha and means welcome or thank you in Chinese. Another interpretation of the word Xia is a Chinese girl name with a meaning of `Glow of the Sunrise`. Anyway sounds very nice and friendly.

Now it’s time to find out who are hidden behind the name. Like I already said these are crab toys. For now there are four different Hermit crabs:

  • Bimini
  • Turks
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago

Each of them is very unique, it’s not only have unique coloration, but also shape of body, shape of shell and personality. For example Turks crab is adorable girlish looking pinky crab with sparkling shell and girlish accessories. And Tobago crab is funny blue creature with strong shape and amusing face. As you already guessed there are two girlish and two boyish crabs to collect, which means girls and boys will love to play with them. Besides these four Xia Xia pets there are also 12 crab shells, all different shapes and colors. Kids can change shells of their crabs creating new characters each time. Also inside each shell there is a tiny Xia Xia friend, so with new shell you get a hidden surprise inside. To help you to build cute colorful world for your new craby friends, there are three different playsets which can be connected together for the big Xia Xia world:

  • Confetti Cottage
  • Copacabana Playset
  • Rio de Trio Village Playset

These toys are gonna be the hit this year 2011. It’s always a big quest to find something really cool and of course new for your little ones, Cepia make this process easier, they produce new previously unseen toys every new season. Last year that was Zhu Zhu Pets, this summer they released DaGeDar marbles and for the Christmas Holidays they prepared really adorable small toys with a surprise inside. Kids love surprises and Xia Xia pets are gonna be a big surprise for them.

Source by Mika Zink