Wrinkle Reduction – The Future is Here Today!

Tomorrow’s wrinkle reduction technology is here right now! Let’s take a look at what exciting, weird and wacky wrinkle reduction and anti aging treatments scientists are cooking up for the very near future.

Here are my predictions for younger looking skin this year and beyond:

1. Instant facelifts. No joke! Quick-lift skin creams based on extreme cooling technology have already been made by space agency scientists and cosmetic chemists. This instant wrinkle reduction phenomenon, which claims to reduce wrinkles by over 1/3 within an hour, is slated for public release this year.

2. Human Growth Factors. Not human growth hormone (HGH), but human growth factors (HGF) are a major focus for most big anti-aging skincare companies. HGF can be applied topically and have a large impact on collagen production as well as skin repair. The technology is here, now. The only drawback with HGF is that it has a horrific smell. In clinical trials with the product, patients reported their faces smelling like “wet dog” when wearing it. So the question here is – how badly you want wrinkle reduction?

3. Stem cell technology. Stem cells offers both hope and controversy with their unique ability to protect and repair skin tissue. Russian anti aging researchers are now using stem cells harvested from your own body to renew your skin. The problem: it’s very expensive, besides being illegal in most of the civilized world. Regardless, at $30-40,000 a pop, it’s way beyond the reach of most of us.

4. Skull lifts. Apparently, face lifts aren’t enough. It turns out that the bones of your face sag with age, contributing to that “old people” look. Just when you thought that it’s just your skin that goes south with age! But fear not. The good news is that research is developing injections to prevent the bone sag rather than using the knife to correct it.

5. Super-anti-oxidants like Idebenone and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. Try saying that fast without stuttering. The majority of wrinkle reduction creams on the market today boast having Hexapeptide and other anti-aging ingredients, but what they don’t tell you is that it is in amounts so minute that your skin will never know. There are, however, anti wrinkle methods available that do get it right, giving you dramatic, actual wrinkle reduction. For more info on this, visit http://antiagingreviews.com

Source by Tommy Engan