Will We Have PEACE, Both, Here And Abroad?

Many historians seem to be concerned, with the level of danger, terrorism, civil unrest, lack of trust, etc, we are witnessing, in these times! Some of us, wonder, whether, we will, ever again, see PEACE, both, here and abroad! Nearly every public opinion poll, indicates, there may be, more internal divisions, within the United States, than, at any time, since the American Civil War. How many more horrific shootings, will we need to witness, before anything is done, in a meaningful way, to control, the inherent dangers, about our present gun laws, and meaningful measures, to ensure, the wrong people, have far less, easy, access, to these weapons, such as automatic weapons, etc? How many more bombings, mass shootings, and other terrorism, must go on, before the world’s leaders, awaken to the necessity, for greater efforts for meaningful, world unity, when it comes, to combating terrorism, and protecting innocent people? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, discuss, and review, what this means, and why it should be a priority.

1. Priorities; people; protect; planning; purposes: When will elected officials, begin, to consider, the safety of their constituents, as their responsibility, and a primary priority? Shouldn’t we seek a better way, to protect people, and fully consider, options and alternatives, and proceed, with meaningful. relevant, sustainable planning? Wise leaders examine the true purposes, needed and required, by public officials!

2. Empathy; emphasis; energy: As long as, we continue, to elect people, more, based on their rhetoric, and empty promises, than on their focus, and priorities, and well – considered, planning, their emphasis may be misplaced! Where our leaders place their energy, affects our future!

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate: We need to elect people, who proceed, with a positive, can – do, attitude, and a desire to unite us, rather than divide us. Pay attention to the message, President Trump articulates, and consider, whether, his words, unify, for the common good, or quite, the opposite!

4. Character; clarify/ clear; create/ creative: When we elect individuals, with the quality of character, to place us, ahead of their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, the focus will be, to clarify what’s right, and best, instead of avoiding the clear, better approach/ path! Instead of articulating the same – old, same – old, empty rhetoric, we would be better served, by creative leadership, which was ready, willing, and able, to do what’s right, and needed!

5. Endurance; excellence; earn trust: How do we benefit, by the constant, saber – rattling, name – calling, vitriol, etc, which is the approach of President Trump? Instead of seeking, a more desirable, focus on world peace, and unity, he appears to only try to appease his core supporters, when we need, someone, who will earn the trust, of most people! The world needs, more focus on excellence, and longer – term, relevant, sustainable leadership, because we need, leaders with the endurance, to do, what’s right, instead of merely expedient.

Wake up, America, and realize, we need more public officials, who will do, what’s right, and, this means, emphasizing a bipartisan effort, instead of an adversarial one! Are you willing to be, more responsible, and attentive?

Source by Richard Brody