Why Governments Support Addiction and Trap People Into Debt

It makes little sense in a country like Australia that the governments, both state and federal, not only support production of alcohol and the growth of gambling premises but they also have a medical program to pay for the consequences. Drunks, drug addicted people, and those who are targeted by users are filling the emergency rooms while others are often locked out due to the overflow.

One can scratch their head in wonderment at the insanity of it all. One can also go mad trying to understand it. That is unless one has insight into why it is the case and who is behind it in the first place.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the mighty intelligence that drives everything, answers were given to me while visions showed how things became the way they are.

One such vision involved the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 standing in the air before my face in large black capital letters. It was something that could not be ignored because of how the Spirit was leading me to the answers.

Over months and then years of research, including academic studies, the big picture came together. We are all pawns in a massive plan by the Spirit to deliver those who are spiritual at the end of the day, that is with a link to the Great Creator, and we are either protected from or delivered to the evil imposed by that Roman Emperor some 1700 years ago.

The man was a power-hungry, greedy dictator who performed far worse atrocities than Hitler. He established the Catholic Church in year 325 of the modern era. That is common knowledge but what is not known is that he was Islamic. This was discovered because the Spirit took me to Babylon, the ancient Capital of the Amor.

These are the same ones responsible for the Persian Empire and they engaged in invasion of countries, murder of leaders, enslavement of the people, and fear, which was their main weapon for power and control.

The two weapons up their sleeve were heaven and hell and the threat of eternal damnation. Promised a fiery place after death unless they towed the line was enough to frighten many into willingly surrendering their lives for the cause. This is how kings gather armies to fight for them and why they, in turn, are deemed to be gods.

While the story is extensive and complicated it suffices here to say that Constantine also established the systems by which the establishment runs to this day. In this manner he placed himself in control of the World Order and now it is a battle between him and the Spirit. Those who are spiritual know it and they are deserting religions and the establishment in droves.

Governments are trapped in the same set of motivating principles he forced upon them. That means they have no choice but to support the things that drive addiction.

Source by Norma Holt