Who Should Take Responsibility for Children of the Islamic State?

On a television documentary this question was raised in response to a number of people in Australia with relatives trapped in a Syrian camp. The ones advocating for their return to this country included women in berkers. That means they are sympathetic to the Islamic cause or they would not dare to clothe themselves in that manner, in my opinion. It also means that I believe the government is correct in labelling them a threat.

As with the majority of Australians it is hard for me to accept that the berker is a religious dress and that it should be tolerated. It is, in fact, a fashion garment that has nothing to do with the Koran or any requirement of the Muslim faith.

While this is not a racist question but a terrorist one for once the government appears to have got it right. The mothers left this country willingly while some married into the Muslim life and readily left with their husbands to go to the Islamic State war.

Whatever they faced while there is of little consequence in determining if they are a continuing threat to our security. The truth is that they made their choice when they entered into agreements to leave this country and go to their ultimate fate.

Who then should take responsibility for their children? While they are born in Syria it is surely up to the government of that country to take responsibility. Judging by the things told by the women on the documentary it became obvious that many of their stories are designed to bring sympathy to their cause. They do not come across as truthful or trustworthy. They should, therefore, remain with their children to whom they gave birth.

Source by Norma Holt