When Silence Speaks

We are living in a noisy world and that noise is badly polluting our planet earth. Noise from the industrial machines, home electrical gadgets, transportation vehicles and construction activities etc., is badly affecting our health. High noise pollution levels can contribute to depression, headaches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and hearing problems. In its 1999 Guidelines for Community Noise, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared, “Worldwide, noise-induced hearing impairment is the most prevalent irreversible occupational hazard, and it is estimated that 120 million people worldwide have disabling hearing difficulties.”

You may not be in a position to control the outside noise but you can control the unnecessary noise in your own life. You need to bring silence in your life in order to get rid of the bad effects of the outside noise. How do you feel when you reach home after a hectic work day? You feel relaxed because the silence of the walls of your house welcomes you. The curtains, the carpet, the furniture, everything welcomes you in the language of silence. The calm and quiet atmosphere of your house provides you a great relaxing opportunity. Silence has its own language. When silence speaks you feel quite relaxed.

Did you ever witness the nature at pre-dawn? Did you notice the flowers, the plants, and the leaves saying something to you? The chattering of the small birds, the blossom of the flowers and the swinging leaves all welcome you. What an amazing natural environment! Nature talks to you in its own language, the language of peace, solitude and calmness. It refreshes you r mind and heart. Sitting in a natural surrounding and breathing deeply takes away all your depression and fills your heart with the joy that is unknown to most people. The cool morning breeze has a great physical effect on the whole body. I quietly listen the silence of the nature and express my gratitude to God even without opening my lips.

Silence gives you the courage and strength to deal with the daily routine matters. It’s also a great motivational force that enables you to get rid of all the negativity from within you. Silence gives you the wisdom to effectively solve even the most difficult problems of your life. Silence strengthens your body against all kind of physical as well as mental diseases.

Silence is the food of the soul. Silence gives you the spiritual power and helps you in establishing a link with God. God loves the atmosphere of silence and talks to you in an environment of complete silence. God is always kind to the person who prays to him in silence and solitude. “God is the friend of silence” as Mother Teresa once said “See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence”.

When silence speaks, listen carefully. You will not be left alone. All your answers will be answered in solitude. Spend some time daily in complete silence and enjoy the inner-peace and inner-happiness. Fill the vacuum of your life with the power of silence.

Source by Hifzur Rehman