What’s Wrong With The Catholic Church?

Globally there are thousands of priests named and shamed as pedophiles and yet they are supported by their institution and forgiven their so-called sins. Many of these abusers are in jail with the latest being the former number three at the Vatican. The Pope called a meeting of bishops to resolve the issue but the agenda they serve appears more about saving the organisation rather than preventing the horrendous crime.

Children sexually abused by grown men may never recover from the shock and its impact on their lives. They can become depressed, turn to drugs, go through mental hell, and many commit suicide. Whatever happens their lives are basically ruined.

Parents are at odds about what to do. They are, however, trapped by the teachings of the church and the belief that they cannot oppose it as they risk going to hell. This is as big a prison of the ideology as there can be and yet no such place as that exists. So why do they believe it?

Fundamentally, the church is a business that survives on slavery and charity. To enter it as either a priest or a nun an initiate must surrender all possessions and contacts with the world. He or she is then obliged to live a celibate life, which is impossible for many to do.

It is the reason for this behavior that pinpoints the origin of the religion and why pedophilia and sexual abuse is tolerated. With the memory of reincarnation leading me on my research went back to Babylon to understand it. The results are shocking but the real God, the Great Spirit of the Universe, left messages that at this time all will be revealed.

“Thus saith God… for your sake I have sent to Babylon… ” (Isaiah 43:4) and this was my calling. Commissioned to tear down the barrier of lies, mysteries, and deceit the Spirit-empowered me to discover the roots of all religions in that of Islam, the religion of that city/state.

The chief idol of worship was and remains the sun. In Babylon, it was called ‘Mari’ and it means “mother’s powerful eye’. Men died on crosses to ‘marry Mary’ and Constantine, who was of the same religion and beliefs, established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. Mary was renamed Mother of God and it is now the main object of worship within it.

That is why priests are married to Mary and must remain celibate. It is not what is practiced, however, but what is seen to be practiced that matters. Consequently, pedophilia and even sex with nuns is not only tolerated but encouraged. It was always the case and no Pope, Cardinal, bishop or priest, is prepared to change it.

Source by Norma Holt