What Are The End Stage COPD Symptoms

COPD is the condition or disease when the patient experience obstruction of airways. This results to difficulty in breathing and other symptoms that come with this disease. The problem with COPD is it’s a condition that lasts for a lifetime. Since it lasts for a long time, a number of patients are just dealing with end stage COPD symptoms as they age. typically, it can be difficult for people to know if they’re already experiencing some end stage symptoms of COPD but there are still some indications that may describe it. With COPD, people will experience difficulty in breathing and result being deprived of its needed supply. Without the right oxygen supply, patients will feel they’re weaker and even keep themselves from doing as much work as possible.

The feeling of weakness would cause them to just stay on bed or at home where they can rest. Even simple household chores without strenuous lifting may be too much for them. these chores include dishwashing, washing their clothes and even bringing themselves to the bathroom would take a lot of their small amount of energy. The problem with generalized weakness as among the end stage COPD symptoms is it will cause people to choose resting instead of eating. As the disease progress, people would provide assistance to COPD patients in making them more comfortable. Providing oxygen through tanks and equipment may be prescribed by physicians to give them more comfort than he usual.

In the process, patients with COPD would just end up being bedridden in the end. Simple activities will cause them to be short of breath and do lots of effort in order to grasp air. Confusion is also among the end stage COPD symptoms. Oxygen is needed in the brain in order for its processes to work properly so the lack of it would cause people to be confused and less focus. It’s very simple for people to be frustrated and irritated at this point so physicians may need to prescribe anti-anxiety treatments. The patient may be needed to be on ventilation tubes to get relief from difficulty breathing and getting the right oxygen supply.

Source by Michael Harrah