Web Celebrity-Branded Slime Packs : Scented Slime

YouTube and K-Pop star Wengie recently launched a line of children’s toys including a collection of ‘Scented Slime.’ Wengie is the main host on a popular youtube channel — named after her stage name — and boasts over 13 million subscribers, many of whom are children fascinated by watching her pull harmless pranks.

The new Scented Slime is perfect for fans of Wengie and boasts four delicious aromas including ‘Cotton Candy,’ ‘Banana,’ ‘Birthday Cake,’ and ‘Candy.’ In addition, all of the toys from Wengie’s collection contain a mystery charm including the Scented Slime packages, enticing children to “collect them all!”

The influencer-branded toy collection is one of many examples of YouTube stars partnering to create hyper-personalized toys for their fans.

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