Was the US involved in a coup attempt in Venezuela? | Venezuela

On May 3, the Venezuelan government announced it had detained a group of what it called mercenaries trying to reach Venezuela on speedboats along with several dozen Colombians.

The group reportedly numbered around 50.

At least eight people were killed in the incident as the Venezuelans in effect ambushed the group, having apparently waited for them on the shore.

The mission, according to the government, was to kill Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and spark a coup in Caracas.

But others claim the plan was to abduct Maduro, and then take him – nobody knows where.

A Florida-based security company has claimed responsibility for the operation – which was coordinated with Venezuela’s opposition, led by Juan Guaido.

But President Maduro insists the United States, and specifically President Donald Trump, knew about the plot from the start.

As the US and most of Latin America want Nicolas Maduro out of power, what does this mean for Venezuela? 

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


JJ Rendon – Presidential High Commissioner and General Strategist for the Juan Guaido government

Ramon Muchacho – former Mayor of Chacao District, an opposition stronghold in Caracas, Venezuela

Isaias Medina – member of the political party Council of Rumbo Libertad

Pedro Burelli – Latin America political analyst and managing director of B+V Advisors, a business management consulting group

Source: Al Jazeera News

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