Want to Sleep Better? Try a Memory Foam Mattress

Everyone is looking for a way to improve their sleep these days, or so it seems. The memory foam mattress is one of the most modern inventions in sleeping science. Many people who use these types of mattresses claim they get better sleep. Here is information about the memory foam mattress and how it is designed to help in getting more productive sleep.

It has been estimated that sleep problems are growing in the US. As a result many people are looking for solutions to this growing problem. Having an understanding of what a memory foam mattress is and how it works may provide the solution many people are seeking.

This is a bed surface made from a product called, memory foam. It has the unique ability to sense a person’s body weight and temperature. In doing this the mattress conforms to a body shape which minimize pressure points, aids in alignment and reduces tossing and turning. The result is a better night’s sleep, for most people.

This was first developed by NASA back in the 70’s.

As with any new product there are often challenges in development. That was no different with memory foam mattresses. The first generation memory foam mattresses were brittle and had the tendency to break after just one to two years of use. But scientists kept on working to get it right.

Thanks to the dedication of a company out of Sweden that that had worked closely with NASA in designing the original memory foam mattress, they finally perfected the technology in the 1980’s. This newest version was made using a spongy, gel like plastic whose composite open cells could deform under pressure and reshape back to its original form.

In an effort to to prove how effective it was, one brand called Tempur-Pedic was sold to hospitals and widely accepted. Many patients who have slept on the memory foam mattress have gone on record stating that this has reduced significantly the pressure on joints when they lie down. They have also confirmed that the sleeping surface also provides very good support for the spine and back.

This new concept of memory foam mattress had another problem when first introduced in the market in the early 1990’s. The issue then was that they were expensive. But this soon changed as other companies were able to produce like products.

This is offered as a side note, but the story of the memory foam mattress doesn’t end here. As it became more widespread, it became apparent that it had more benefits than just for the back and sleeping. It was found to be helpful in other areas such as: mattress toppers, pillows, automobile seat padding, infant cribs, car seats, wheelchair cushions, hip pads, movie theater seating, and more.

Prices for a mattress like this has a range from $300 to $600. What you will pay will depend on the density that you wish to buy. The thicker versions are more expensive. The most preferred seems to be the ones that weigh 3-5.5 lbs since this is what fits most budgets best.

This type of mattress also comes in various sizes. Additionally,they are versatile in that they can be used outdoors, like in a sun room, for example, as they are not affected by the changing or extreme outdoor temperatures.

Source by Mark S Myers