Virtual Brunch Competitions : irtual brunches

Whistle Out is giving home cooks a fun way to earn some extra cash during the COVID-19 pandemic by hosting virtual brunches.

Whistle Out is a company that tracks and compares phone and internet rates, but recently, they’ve turned their attention to online get-togethers. The brand is currently on the hunt for someone to host a series of virtual brunches on video chatting platforms. The person hired for the job will be able to choose three video chatting platforms from options such as House Party, Bunch, Airtime, Squad, and Rave. After hosting virtual brunches on the platforms, the host will have to answer questions about how well the platforms worked. Best of all, the winner will be paid $1,000 for their time and gifted a $300 GrubHub gift card.

If this job sounds right up your alley, you can submit a 200-word application to Whistle Out that explains why you’re right for the job.

Image Credits: Whistle Out.

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