TTPS defends woman supervising child picking up rubbish in rain

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is rushing to the defence of a woman accused of child abuse after she was filmed by passers-by supervising a child picking up rubbish in the rain.

She was standing under an umbrella while the unsheltered child grabbed up pieces of garbage with his bare hands. By all accounts, the woman was identified as a staff member at a children’s home in East Trinidad.

The video, which the TTPS believes was shared on social media on November 1, has drawn widespread condemnation from viewers. Some even expressed their belief that this was the reason some children ran away from these institutions. 

In a press release on Monday, the TTPS said it determined that there was no criminal activity being conducted by the woman in the video after a “thorough” investigation by the Eastern Division Child Protection Unit.

CPU officers reportedly visited the home and interviewed both the administrators and the boy in question to ascertain whether or not any offences may have occurred.

“Based on eyewitness reports, along with testimonials from other residents of the home, investigators were able to discover that the child had been displaying unbecoming behaviour for quite some time and the latest incident was a result of the child throwing a bag of rubbish over a wall which tore upon landing on the ground.”

“The CPU, upon completing its investigation, assured that no offences were committed by the caretakers and/or administrators of the facility and that the child, who has been in the care of the institution for several years, will undergo further interventions in treating with underlying issues.”

The CPU further sought to dissuade members of the public from videotaping minors and posting online.

Anyone wishing to report crimes or suspected acts of crimes involving minors are asked to do so directly to the police through the TTPS’ Website, App, the CPU Secretariat at 628-5855 or the police hotlines 999 or 555.

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