Trinidad and Tobago’s weather: More Saharan dust

There is still a concentration of Saharan dust in the air, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service.

As a result, people with respiratory ailments and others who are susceptible to dusty conditions are advised to take extra precautions.

Here’s a look at today’s weather forecast, courtesy the Met Office.

A generally sunny, hazy and windy day is expected despite a 30% (low) chance of a few brisk showers. Tonight will be mostly clear but warm.

Caution. There is a moderate concentration of Saharan dust in the atmosphere. Persons who are susceptible to such should take the necessary precautions.



Trinidad: 33°C

Tobago: 32°C


Heat Index

Trinidad: 36°C

Tobago: 34°C

(The Heat Index, sometimes referred to as the apparent temperature, is a measure of how hot it really feels when relative humidity is factored with the actual air temperature.)



Seas are moderate with waves between 1.5 and two metres, and occasionally up to 2.5 metres in open waters, and below one metre in sheltered areas.


Sunrise & Sunset

Sunrise: 5.45am

Sunset: 6.18pm



Port of Spain

High tide: 3.36 am, 4.30 pm

Low tide: 10.00 am, 10.05 pm



High tide: 3.15 am, 4.06 pm

Low tide: 9.45 am, 9.54 pm

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