Trinidad and Tobago’s weather: Dust to increase

Prepare for another surge of Saharan dust from Sunday, said the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service.

In a Saturday update, the Met Office warned of a significant increase in dusty conditions:

‘Saharan dust update (July 11th): Saharan dust is currently present in the area, but a significant increase is expected from tomorrow (Sunday).’

The Met Office said significant concentrations of Saharan dust are forecast for the period between the 12th and 15th, with a likely peak between the 13th and 14th. Milder concentrations are expected to linger after the event.’

The Met Office urged those who are susceptible to take the necessary precautions.

Here’s a look at today’s weather courtesy the Met Office:

Trinidad and Tobago

Generally hazy and breezy conditions despite a few brisk light to moderate showers. Hazy night with a light breeze and a few late night showers.

There is a moderate concentration of Saharan dust in the atmosphere. Persons sensitive to these atmospheric conditions are advised to take the necessary precautions.

Gusty winds may accompany showers at times.


The remainder of the Lesser Antilles

Partly cloudy to cloudy conditions with occasional showers and isolated morning thunderstorms. Conditions expected to persist intermittently into the night.



Trinidad: ‘32’C

Tobago: 32’C



Seas are moderate with waves between 1.5 to two metres in open waters and less than one metre in sheltered areas.


Sunrise & Sunset

Sunrise: 5.50am

Sunset: 6.31pm



High tide: 8.54 am, 9.43 pm

Low tide: 3.00 am, 3.03 pm



High tide: 9.08 am, 9.42 pm

Low tide: 3.06 am, 3.16 pm

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