Top 100 Tech Trends in May

The May 2020 tech trends highlight the latest innovations involving pandemic-combating technology, connected spaces for remote work and socializing, gaming advancements that make for more immersive experiences, and much more.

One noteworthy inclusion was recently launched on Kickstarter: the Melbits POD. A toy that doubles as a virtual pet, the Melbits POD is meant to accompany the child as they have fun, and will respond to their environment to keep them entertained. The toy also comes with a variety of included mini games, and has the capacity for AR gameplay to keep things interesting.

Another innovation is the Immutouch wearable, which was designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to remind users to maintain proper hygiene and habits to prevent the virus from spreading. The wearable works by alerting users when it senses that they’re about to touch their face, so that they can make note of how frequently they do so and make an effort to adjust their habits.

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