Top 100 Tech Trends in April

The April 2020 tech trends highlight the latest innovations from the industry, spanning self-care apps and devices that help consumers to improve their mental wellbeing during quarantine, aesthetically pleasing accessories, high-tech cooking appliances, and much more.

One standout innovation comes from Kickstarter, with the ‘Blueberry’ smart glasses designed to help users reduce their stress levels while maintaining more awareness of their personal health and wellness. The glasses are connected to the user’s smartphone, which allows them to see how a certain task might impact them. The glasses then remind them to take breaks when needed and to focus on different activities, while also shielding the eyes from blue light as they work.

With sanitation becoming a key step in the daily routines of many consumers, products like the ‘Pocket Sanitizer’ were created to make eliminating bacteria more convenient. The compact device is attached to the back of the user’s phone, and allows them to store hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes inside for easy access.

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