To the Government and Minister of National Security, My name is Jochelle Loota…

To the Government and Minister of National Security,

My name is Jochelle Lootawan, one of the UWI Cavehill students who would have reached out to your office for a special exemption to return home along with the other students.I am speaking on my own behalf and no one else's.I would first like to thank you and the Trinidad and Tobago Government for all the hard work and due diligence that you are putting into dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. I personally would like to acknowledge all the work that you and your team is doing to keep the country safe and I understand that the measures that were put in place and that are being put in place is necessary in this battle. I would like to express my gratitude for the generosity extended to me in the form of the three hundred US dollars that was granted to help in this trying times away from home. These funds have been a great help in affording food supplies. I would also like to address the statement made by another student on Sunday 10th May,2020. I in no way support that statement or had any knowledge that such a statement was going to be made via the media. I do not in any way feel like the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has abandoned us or left us unheard. I will like to take this opportunity to clarify that I am grateful for all the help that this Government has extended to me and while I do wish to return to Trinidad as soon as is reasonably possible, I do understand that there are certain measures that are needed to be put in place and that the safety of the Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are of upmost importance. I support the government fully in their decision and would once again like to express my gratitude for all that has been done for me and the Counrty of Trinidad and Tobago by extension. Councilor Gerald Debestte