The Impact of Lean Six Sigma With a Healthcare Organization

Healthcare organizations are all about processes. Within the realm of healthcare, processes must run correctly, or a person’s life could be on the line. When the job is as serious as this, you must look into a program that will help with structuring and making process perfect. The best option for healthcare organizations is Lean Six Sigma Training because it focuses on total improvement with reducing costs, improving performance and productivity, and ensuring everyone is entirely satisfied with their care.

When patients are satisfied with a healthcare company they are most likely to pay their bills. They will provide higher satisfaction scores by complaining much less as well. Lean Six Sigma can help a healthcare entity provide less wait times and variation for patients, an increased accuracy with prescriptions, and safer emergency departments. Patients will also benefit when a healthcare organization goes through Six Sigma Certification because the medical staff will make fewer errors and there will be less defects.

Physicians must be satisfied with a healthcare organization or they will go elsewhere to practice. It can be hard to find a good physician but by providing an outstanding facility with the best operations, it can help you maintain a good staff of physicians. Lean Six Sigma assures fewer physician complaints, reduced scheduling, and better working conditions. The clinical resource retention will increase which is a positive outcome also.

Patients are the most important factor with the healthcare industry but money is one of the controlling factors that needs to be reduced as much as possible. Lean Six Sigma can help with a higher annual savings, less rework and waste, optimizing the overall supply chain management, and retaining clinical and administrative staff without the high turnover rates.

Healthcare organizations that put their staff through Lean Six Sigma education programs benefit in many ways. Patients are happier, physicians want to work for you, and cost is as low as possible, while maintaining maximum productivity. Six Sigma courses can help with critical service issues and with automation of processes that might even be life threatening.

Source by Tony Jacowski