The Delusion of Christianity

Defining a Christian one must first look at what they believe and why? As they mostly started in the Western World the true believer of the faith is one who can tolerate the history of violence, abuse, murder, rape, and deception perpetrated by the Catholic Church over the centuries since it was started by Constantine in 325 AD. Prior to this time there were no Christians, despite the claims that state otherwise.

The Catholic Church is the continuation of the Islamic religion of Babylon. Its icons, order of mass, instruments, calendar, festivals, costumes, and gods are all of the same as in that former place. It didn’t take much to match them or to discover who brought them into the faith. It was none the less the Spirit of the Universe that set me on the right path.

To answer questions related to the bible as the word of God, as some will allude to, the facts are it is a composition of men for men, except for the prophecies. Who those men are was also easy to discover. The New testament is a product of the Catholic Church and it was the first Christian denomination, again easily proven.

Did God create the heavens and earth and do so in six days? That is impossible because evolution happened and the evidence is in the earth, the language we speak, and in the animals that roam it.

“Ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air; and they shall tell thee… “ Job 12:7 ff

Was Jesus Christ the ‘Son of God’, who died at the hands of men and rose again from the dead. The short answer is no but there is much more information available to prove it. The fact that many believe he died for our so-called sins is in contradiction to the jails and laws man has invented to make criminals of them and to send them to hell if they lose faith.

Did Christ die and resurrect on the 3rd day. Well one doesn’t have to be that good at mats to point out the contradiction with the claim. Dead at 3pm on Friday arose again at dawn on Sunday, according to the New Testament. Number of house dead is, therefore, some 38 hours at the most, certainly not 3 days and yet no one challenges it.

If one is spiritual the knowledge within tells you that idols, icons, images, and items of worship are against the Spirit. Sins are made up failures implemented by the Vatican to force people into accepting the continuation of their dedication to its service. Heaven and hell are weapons to ensure it happens and that doors are locked to prevent them leaving. It’s all a part of the delusion of Christianity.

Source by Norma Holt