That’s insulting!

That's insulting!

Imagine: Rowley appoints Vasant Bharath to piss off the UNC, and ends up pissing off the PNM instead. I swear – you just can't make this stuff up…😂

The appointment of Vasant Bharath to the recovery team is an insult to the young men and women of the PNM.
The PNM has some of the brightest young minds within its ranks, yet they have been consistently ignored by this government for important positions.
Instead there has been a steady promotion of persons rejected by the UNC into high decision making positions while the young men and women of the PNM are ignored. Even after an outcry about the lack of youth and women on the team, Dr Rowley chose Vasant Bharath, an old man who constantly attacks the PNM for over 25 years and ignored these calls.
This man couldn’t even rally 1200 votes in an internal UNC election and was a major player in the last administration but is seen as more meriting a position than young people who work night and day to assist the Government.
This is an insult to the bright young women and men of the PNM! This one really hurts!
Charles Bernard

That’s insulting!

The ap­point­ment of Vas­ant Bharath to the re­cov­ery team is an in­sult to the young men and women of the PNM.