Stylishly Mismatched Heels : mismatched heels

Inspired by one of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic fashion moments on Sex and the City—wearing a pair of mismatched heels—SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker released a pair of strappy heels in different colors called ‘Rogue.’ This new addition to SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker will be available to purchase as of the Spring 2020 season and those who are eager to get their hands on the style are already being invited to put their name on the waitlist.

In season three of Sex and the City, Carrie sported a pair of mismatched Christian Louboutin shoes and thanks to this new footwear design, fans can now try out the bold style on their own with one shoe that’s hot pink with an embellished buckle and another that comes in a contrasting shade of chartreuse.

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