Stop Using Official Ministry Accounts to Peddle Political Propaganda

Senator Anita Haynes, the Public Relations Officer of the UNC has taken note of a Facebook post on the Office of the Attorney General official page on the closure of the Cambridge Analytica Police Investigation.

In statement today Senator Haynes noted:

“While the Honourable Attorney General is entitled to his opinion no matter how nonsensical it may be, I wish to remind the Attorney General that using official Ministry mediums to push his political narrative is grossly unethical and against every political code of conduct.

A commitment from the Ministry of the Attorney General from the Ministry’s online website states that “The Ministry remains committed to the holistic development of Trinidad and Tobago through the promotion of the rule of law at all levels of society.” The office of the Attorney General and its communication channels must be used as a source of official information and not for PNM propaganda.

This latest action by the Attorney General by using state mediums to push his political narrative after being thrown out by the TTPS further shows the blatant politicization of state resources by the Attorney General. By this social media post is the Attorney General questioning the integrity of the police investigators in this matter?

I remind the Attorney General that there are other ways to publicize party propaganda without using state resources that are paid for by all citizens. We also hope that the Attorney General desists from this practice of using public resources for PNM communications in the future.


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