Should we believe the retirement of Nicki Minaj?

Age pivot, length of membership, points system… The debates on pension reform set the rhythm of the French current events. Far from the concerns of the government of Édouard Philippe, the American Nicki Minaj has not waited for the grind of the final text to announce his at only 36 years of age, after fifteen years of career.

“I decided to take my retirement and take care of my family”, tweeted on September 5, the rapper the 100 million records soldwho will get married in the next few months her companion Kenneth Petty.

Decision surprise

The huge community of fans of the star –106 million subscriber·es on Instagram– seems to be helpless in the face of this departure without notice.

“I was really surprised by this announcement. I feel sad, shocked and abandoned. This may seem excessive, but Nicki has rocked my teenage years”, grieves Joela Marina, 21 years.

“It is and will remain a legend, adds Leslie Ekotto, 20 years. This is bad news for the music industry, I really hope that she will return.”

In the Face of the sadness of his fanbasethe native of Trinidad and Tobago was quick to delete his ad, and whether it has qualified d’“crude and insensitive”, before promising an explanation on its web radio.

These days, however, there was nothing to suggest such a scenario. The tendency was, rather, the return in strength of Nicki Minaj, a year after the release of Queen, his fourth album. Two days before his statement, the rapper signed a verse and played in the clip from the tube “Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion.

The performance came to a close a busy summer, marked by a collaboration with Lil Durkbut especially by the release last June of “Megatron”first single from fifth album which will not see the light of day –at least for the moment.

In fact, there is still hope after all: according to american website TMZthe star is believed to have spent many hours in the studio these last few weeks to develop this game.

Rivalry with Cardi B

The former protégé of Lil Wayne-is it sincere or orchestra does a wide shot of the bluff to promote her upcoming album? Fif Tobossi, co-founder of the media rap Booska-P and director of the documentary series The Women of Rap to Mouv’, favour the second option.

“For more than ten years, Nicki Minaj was number 1 without dispute. Today, she is strongly challenged by Cardi B, analysis-t-it. More and more female rappers push to its limits. She wants to make a hit commercial to reposition itself on the front of the stage.”

Since the release in 2010 of his first album, Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj had a habit of eclipsing its rivals, army of a technique of non-standard versatility allowing him to touch the passionate·es rap, but also the general public, and a visual identity marked, made extravagant outfits and change your look endless.

“The situation has changed compared to the beginning of the year 2010. Today, there are more and more rappers and, therefore, of female rappers. Cardi B has placed several singles at the top of the sales. In american rap, each era has been dominated by a single rapper”, observes Sylvain Bertot, critical of rap and author of Ladies first – The rap female 100 albums, to be released on November 21, editions The Word and the rest. When two female rappers have fought for the leadershipas Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim in the 1990s, there has been a conflict.”

Since their collaboration in 2017 on the song “Motosport“it is true that nothing goes between the two divas. The quarrel reached its climax in July 2018 when, during an evening on the margins of the New York Fashion Week, Cardi B threw his shoe at the figure of Nicki Minaj.

Even more uninhibited than was its competitor at its peak, Cardi B, 25 years old, is still growing, while his older caps. “She has an attitude less clean, less smooth. It is a bit of an update of Nicki Minaj”illustrates Fif Tobossi.

This rivalry could she have had because of the career of the “black Barbie”? The hypothesis seems less plausible, as the history of the american rap is punctuated by the false advertisements of retirement, followed by a return more or less successful.

Comeback express

November 14, 2003. The Black Albumthe eighth installment of Jay-Z, was to be his last. A few days ago, the rapper from Brooklyn, speaks out in an interview; he says put an end to his career.

“This is the most striking example. This is one of the biggest rap stars of all time. His announcement comes as he seems to be at the summit of his glory”, recalls Sylvain Bertot.

But Shawn Carter remains Jay-Z and stands away from the industry for a few months. After the commercial success of the Black Albumthe call of the studio and the attraction of the business are too obvious to be ignored. The rapper came out of retirement in 2004 to collaborate with R. Kelly.

Following world tours, an album, a duet with Kanye West, one with his wife Beyoncé, and five solo. For nearly 50 years, Jay-Z seems finally ready to hang up.

Another heavyweight, another method: to surpass Kanye West, the brawny 50 Cent did not hesitate to put his career in the balance. His third album, Curtisreleased on September 11, 2007, was facing Graduationthe disc of its competitor, available on the same day in the bins. “If Kanye West sells more records than me on September 11, I stop the music”, had sworn the author of hits “In Da Club” and “Candy Shop”.

A defeat later, Curtis Jackson, who has admitted that this duel had been mounted in the pin for commercial purposes, was not pray for breaking his promise.

“American rappers are so likely to have announced their retirement that this becomes less and less credible, recognizes Sylvain Bertot. For all that, the fact of withdraw has no negative effect on the fans. Today, we are going to listen to an album streaming according to a tweet that was read five minutes earlier. To do this type of ad attracts attention, this is not bad publicity.”

The artists of the French hip-hop, them, often follow the opposite approach and actually go, with or without notice. If some rappers major parties without taking the trouble to prevent other than on disk (Salif, Fabe), others, such as Diam’s, has kept his word since the announcement of their departure.

“There is less communication around this issue. By contrast, when the artists are long breaks to finally get back to the business, they will not hesitate to justify their absence from their fans, the image of Kery James, or Lefa in the group Sexion Assault”, see Fif Tobossi.

Even when Nicki Minaj decides to never go back on stage, it will already have marked his time by his tubes, his records and his collaborations with other giants of the industry (Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West…). “We can set it very high. It has been impossible to miss on almost all of the decade 2010”, confirms Sylvain Bertot.

With gains amounting to $ 16 million only the year 2017 and an estimated fortune of more than $ 120 million, the star can view with equanimity the preparations for her wedding. Of our days, to spend without counting, is a luxury becoming increasingly rare for the retired·es.

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