Sad, dark time for politics in T&T | Letters to Editor

I have been paying close attention to the developing stories as they unfolded, regarding the allegations that this country may have breached US executive orders and therefore run the risk of sanctions.

This is all premised on the creative connection of dots from various unrelated events. The Opposition is using this weak reasoning to draw the conclusion, that this country has breached US sanctions and therefore should be in line ourselves, for sanctions.

However, when I examine the facts of this matter, it is clear that the Opposition’s argument is an exaggerated leap of logic and certainly does not justify their continued lobbying for sanctions against the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

The opposition has attempted to link the Venezuelan vice president’s meeting, with fuel that reportedly arrived in Venezuela via Aruba, alleging that both are linked and deliberate acts, deserving of US sanctions. This allegation, of course, has been strenuously denied by the Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and the chairman of Paria Trading.

If we are to examine this matter carefully, the weak logic of the Opposition’s argument becomes apparent. Firstly, it is an undisputed fact that Paria Trading did not sell fuel to Venezuela or PDVSA, its state oil company. Fuel was sold to a company and destined for Aruba. Based on this detail alone, the Opposition’s argument fails. Absolutely no business was done with any sanctioned company or country.

Further, to make this conspiracy theory hold, the Opposition would have to show that a “smoke and mirrors” meeting was held with the vice minister to strike this deal. I have not seen any evidence to suggest that all parties on the Government side have denied this was the case and the Opposition has not convinced me this was the intention either.

What the Opposition has presented, is a scenario of pure conjecture and a story with a lot of “ifs” and “thens”. Under the weight of the facts, the rationale of this conspiracy theory crumbles. This country did not do business with Venezuela or any of its companies, full stop.

It is also a matter of stretched speculation to link the vice president’s meeting with the fuel shipment.

Given the weakness of this argument and its dependence on conjecture as its foundation, it is absolutely shocking to me that the Opposition is vociferously clamouring and lobbying for US sanctions to be imposed on our twin island sovereign state.

I can only conclude that this shameful and reprehensible act is motivated by politics. However, I still cannot understand this logic. Where is the sense of patriotism?

This is a sad and dark development in the political landscape of our country, where it seems as if the Opposition is ascribing to the principle of, “if I can’t drive the car, I’ll run it off a cliff”. I completely reject this notion and so should every citizen of this country.

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