Restaurant-Sponsored Virtual Proms : Virtual Prom After-Party

With COVID-19 preventing most teenagers from attending the promo this year, Chipotle wants to help them celebrate a different way with its Virtual Prom After-Party.

Chipotle’s Virtual Prom After-Party will take place on Saturday, May 16 at 9:45 p.m. on the private @ChipotleAfterParty Instagram account. The event will be hosted by YouTuber David Dobrik, who will answer questions and take photos with fans online. The event will also give fans a chance to win meals and prizes like a $25,000 scholarship. Additionally, Chipotle is releasing 10,000 promo codes for free entrees and new products throughout the night. The idea is to give teens a night to remember, even if it has to be virtual. As Chipotle’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt explains, “Our high school fans keep our brand energized with their passion for Chipotle’s real food. It’s amazing to see students’ optimism throughout this time, and we’re excited for them to reconnect with friends and make special memories on virtual prom night.”

Image Credits: Chipotle.

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