Raleigh Man Confronts Armed Anti-Lockdown Protesters, Calls Them ‘Knuckleheads’ [Video]

A man in Raleigh, North Carolina, confronted armed anti-lockdown protesters who were gathered outside a cemetery near his home on May 1, video shows.

The man, who says in the video that he does not want the protesters “in my neighborhood with their weaponry”, confronted the group of protesters outside Oakwood Cemetery. He was named as Jim Schaeffer by Jason deBruyn, a local reporter who filmed the video.

The protesters, some of whom were wearing camouflage and face coverings, stood facing the man as he spoke to them.

“If you’re really for real, will you let me know who you are?” the man asks the protesters in the video. “No – okay, well there’s my answer,” he says, before beginning to walk away.

“I hope you knuckleheads get out of here soon, as quickly as possible,” Schaeffer adds.

This incident follows days of anti-lockdown protests in numerous states, including Michigan and Minnesota. Local media reported that armed activists planned to protest at the General Assembly in Raleigh on Friday. The Triad City Beat said the demonstrators mobilized supporters to show up “fully armed as a show of force.” Credit: Jason deBruyn/WUNC via Storyful

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