Quoizel Chandelier Designer Collections: When Exclusivity Meets Quality

Since its establishment in 1930, Quoizel Lighting has provided superb lamps and lighting with world-class quality. One of the most celebrated products from this company is their Quoizel chandelier line. Although more than 80 years has passed, Quoizel still maintains its classic technique of producing quality chandeliers: all chandeliers from Quoizel are handmade. Besides designing lamps and lightings on their own, Quoizel is also cooperating with top designers to create unique and exclusive models. Earlier, Tiffany and Lennox were two of the most renowned Quoizel associates. Since 2009, however, this lighting manufacturer has been associated with two designers to present new chandelier collections. The two designers, Richard Soard and Laurie Smith, have completely different artistic tastes that both add variety and uniqueness to Quoizel products.

Raffine Collections by Richard Soard

Chandelier designs of Soard’s Raffine Collections are inspired by “the romance and refinement Old World Europe” especially during the 19th and 20th centuries when Europe experienced the vintage and transitional styles. The European vintage style of the chandeliers from the Raffine collections is characterized by multiple color accent layers, silver and gold leaf adornments and deep colored glass and highlights forming luscious rich patina designs. On the other hand, the transitional touch of the classic European style heavily affects the finishes using the metallic distinctiveness of copper, nickel, bronze, and heirloom silver plating. To add the exclusivity of his Raffine collections, Richard Soard decorates the chandeliers with unique materials such as the semi-precious African Prase Jasper, Cloudy Grey Quartz stones, Pacific seashells, decorative Mother of Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, or even hand-chiseled glass nuggets. Some of Soard’s Raffine Chandelier Collections include the Messina, Rafaella, Heather, Annika, Bergamo, Cabris, Cannes, Celine, Tobago and Venezia models.

The Illuminations Collection by Laurie Smith

Laurie Smith is mostly known for her appearance on TLC with her television program Trading Spaces. Besides her television appearance, Laurie Smith is also best known for her particular taste in modern classic design. Her fondness of mid-20th century clean and simple lines inspires this well-known interior designer to create a lighting collection with modern taste and very versatile construction. The uniqueness of the Illuminations Collection comes from a style and passion to create new spaces with color and vibrancy. Illuminations chandeliers from Quoizel are characterized by transitional lighting pieces with vintage classic elements that include geometric forms as well as sweeping arched lines. To top it all, Ms. Smith finishes her lightings with Gallery Gold, Pewter Plated, Teco Marrone, Polished Nickel, Gallery Bronze, Natural Brass, Polished Silver, Painted Bronze, Antique Bronze or Ancient Bronze finishes. Some of Smith’s Illuminations Chandelier Collection includes the Millenium, Century, Decade, Sequel, Vintage, Epoch and Era models.

Source by Michael Danson