Portable Analog Step Sequencers : 0-CTRL

American modular synth company Make Noise released the 0-CTRL, which is a small and fully analog patchable, clockable controller and step sequencer for voltage controlled synthesizer systems. The step sequencer was designed to be partnered with their 0-Coast mono-synth product, adopting the same compact form factor and signature matte-black product design.

0-CTRL does not include menu and mode options, instead it provides full analog control with a thoughtful layout of knobs, patch-points and gold-plated copper touch plates. What really sets this controller apart is its support for microtonal melodic playing, dynamic gates and dynamic envelopes, which help it deviate from the typical robotic sequence feeling.

The step sequencer’s other features include: sequence, pitch, strength and time control per step, voltage control over stop and direction, dynamic reset, pressure and touch gates, and more.

The 0-CTRL is currently available through Make Noise’s website, where it retails for $399 USD.

Image Credit: Make Noise

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