Planet Sedna, the 6th Sign?

The newest addition to our solar system is Senda; what does it mean? And will it impact all the Astrology Signs? NASA released the story that they discovered a new planet in our Solar System, 6.2 Billion miles from Earth called Sedna. The Actual discovery date was Nov. 14, 2003, the story was announced March 15, 2004. It is named after the Innuit Goddess of the Ocean. To make this discovery all that sweeter the story was released about the Hubble Telescope’s discovery on the eve of it’s discontinuation by NASA, for safety and financial reasons. This discovery seems to have saved the fate of the Hubble (for now at least). Does this mean that the Virgo’s of the world now get a new lease on life and the Archetype that represents the Virgin? Or does it impact on of the other astrology signs? It will take time to tell. Sedna moves very slowly and currently is making it’s way through the last decan (10 degrees) of Taurus.

In order to understand how Senda affects all the astrology signs, let’s take a brief overview of the Sedna Myth. It starts with Sedna as a young girl being forced to marry a man she is not interested in. Senda has very long hair that she is known to sit and brush for hours. Despite her arguments and protestations she is made to marry this man who is beak-faced and lives on an inhospitable Island, where he takes her once they are wed. As his wife she is miserable, forced to live in a cold, bleak environment and eat nothing but fish. She is so unhappy that she sends word back home of her plight and begs to be rescued. Her father and male relatives come by boat to get her, but once she is in the boat with them, her husband who has become a giant bird attacks them relentlessly. The men then throw Sedna overboard in their attempt to save themselves. As she clutches the side of the boat, they hack at her fingers to get free of her, and these digits break off to become the seals, sea lions and whales of the ocean. Sedna then sinks to the bottom of the sea where she rests in turmoil and causes sea storms and environmental havoc. Only the Innuit Shaman who can leave their body to visit her in the Ocean depths can appease this. She is only calmed when they brush her long hair. Now we can begin to answer the question of which astrology sign she seems to fit with.

The name Sedna comes from the mythology of the Innuit people and relates closely to the sea, sea mammals and the shamanic depths of transformation, as well as betrayal. At first glance this may seem to fit for several astrology signs, especially Scorpio. If you have seen the movie, ‘Whale Rider’, you can see the close connection with the Sedna myth in this story as well. One thing that this powerfully feminine archetype does for the planetary weightings of the Zodiac is that it (finally) begins to rebalance the Masculine-Feminine polarity to a more equal level among the planets (it has thus far been dominated by male archetypes). While Astrologers will no doubt hotly debate which Astrology Sign Sedna belongs to (Virgo, Libra, Taurus and Gemini are all candidates), eventually ephemeris data will be collected and become available, you’ll hear more as time progresses. A good argument can be made that Sedna belongs to the Astrology Sign of Virgo, the Virgin huntress. A connection to Vigo also exists in the Archetype of Virgo, which contains within it the myth of Persephone who was kidnapped by Hades, God of the Underworld as her mother, Demeter grieved.

In order to find the proper Astrology sign for Sedna to rule we will need to observe what happens in our world. At the deepest level the Archetype of Sedna seems very much connected to the idea of personal freedom, choice and consequences, especially of an overwhelming nature or connected to Natural Disasters. These have increased since Senda’s discovery, namely with Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean Tsunami. As the most outspoken proponent of global ecological responsibility, Al Gore has become a public figurehead for this subject. And with Sedna currently closing in on his Natal Venus (values) he has been making a major statement about our collective need to change our global values and priorities and make Green the highest of priorities. This alone makes a strong case for Senda belonging to the Astrology sign of Virgo and seems to fit squarely into the overall theme of Senda. The good news about a new planet is that with each new discovery a level of consciousness is always awakened on a global scale. With Senda’s discovery, the Greening of our mass consciousness seems to be on the rise. And eventually Astrologers will (perhaps) agree on an Astrological sign for Senda to belong to.

Source by Aura G Wright