Opening Pandora’s Box – Part 1

You know the sayings. “They have to be believed to be seen.” “Once you open Pandora’s Box you can’t close it.” “Don’t invite them in.” The world of the paranormal is a place that can be scary if you simply open your mind to it. Imagine, all that it takes is to be open to the belief these things are possible and you can see them yourself. Quite the world we live in. This begs the question however, and perhaps why most of the world is content to live with blinders on. Do we REALLY want to know what’s out there?

I think it’s time this question be asked. Without 2012 approaching, another belief rooted in the paranormal, time is running out, and whether you believe anything will happen or not, it’s coming and nothing can stop it from getting here. There are things you can’t unsee once you see them. Things you can’t just forget once the real possibility they exist becomes apparent. It’s important to point this out since many people’s lives are changed when they experience the paranormal. They can’t go back to the world they lived in before. They now feel they know something other people don’t and nothing will convince them it doesn’t exist. So let’s assume half of this is true. Just half. If that’s too much for you, lower it to 25%, or even lower. Feel free to explore these things as you see fit, but don’t say I didn’t warn you first.

We’ll start with the secret or shadow government. The New World Order trying to enslave mankind through a choreographed fall of the economy, limiting our freedom of choice through the media, and conspiring with news organizations to feed us only the angles they want us to hear and have opinions on. How about the faked moon landing? Through alternative news sites and sources you may turn up that we were already there for years when Kennedy gave his famous address of the “space race”. This opens the possibility of martian colonies, people living inside the planet and moon, and curious NASA photos showing things that should not be there if the place is uninhabited. Alternative 3 also comes to mind.

Those are all pretty believable as this stuff goes, so we’ll move onto the Bermuda Triangle and other places people seem to vanish. The magnetic fields of the earth are a curious thing that the ancients seemed to understand much more than we do now. These places are natural portals of the earth that can go between space, time, and dimensions depending on which story you read and seem to be verified by the placement of ancient structures around the globe. Which leads us to Nicola Tesla. It’s said his AC/DC current was to be obsoleted by himself just years later using a method to create “free energy”. How was going to do it? A look at the same placement of curious ancient landmarks reveals they were already using his idea by using something like tesla coils in certain places to power areas around them. Tesla took apart his masterpiece saying we were not ready for it and use it for war rather than it’s intended use. I think time has shown him to be right whenever we get new technology.

How about Shadow people? I know you’ve seen them. Those dark blurs just out of the corner of your eye. Ghosts. The mystery of St. Germain, who is believed to have lived for thousands of years and may still be alive today. We can’t end this without mentioning UFOs, but in what context? What if we were simply genetically created by an alien race on this planet years ago? How would we know? Greys, reptilians, the Orions. There’s a lot of alien races out there. A lot of agendas that don’t necessarily end with us continuing as a species as well. Stop me if this is getting too much.

Source by Robert Kreuk