Oops! Ilhan Omar tweets: ‘No human life is worth more than corporate profits’

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. (Official portrait)

Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., has a long history of controversial statements.

For example, she’s claimed the government should take over all hospitals. And she’s wanted GI Bill benefits to those who didn’t serve.

And then there’s the evidence she married her brother and filed tax returns with one man while married to another.

Now she’s one-upped even herself.

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She wrote on Twitter: “No human life is worth more than corporate profits. Not now, not ever.” – Rep. Ilhan Omar…”

Twitchy captured a screen shot before the tweet was removed.

Twitchy explained: “Omar had a deep thought today and decided to share it with her Twitter followers . … Really makes you think … that she didn’t think that one through.”

One Twitter user wrote: One commenter online wondered, “Hmmm. You really said this?”

Another suggested, “Might want to re-read this one.”

Previously, she slammed pro-life Christians. And she’s said the U.S. is “not very good at anything” except war.

She’s been accused of marrying her immigrant brother to provide him legal access to the United States. There’s evidence that, among other things, she committed bigamy and defrauded a student loan program.

Then there was her desire for the government to take over hospitals.

The Western Journal reported she took to Twitter “to float a proposal that would be the death knell of health care in the U.S.”

“And she did it, naturally enough, with no apparent thinking beforehand,” the report said.

She wrote: “Here is maybe a radical idea to deal with some of the pressures our healthcare system is facing: All private hospitals should be made public for the duration of the virus.”


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