‘No mask, no roti, no service’


Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has advised citizens to obey public health regulations to wear masks when entering public places.

He said business owners should also ensure that customers wear masks when entering establishments.

"We would like to move into a phase of no mask no service. If you go into a business place and offend the public heath act the operator of that business must conduct his businesses in such a way. So if that operator says no mask no roti, no mask don't come in here they have an authority to tell you that. Let that be your contribution in this war again the virus," he said.

Rowley said a joint police and district medical officer will soon begin to enforce public health regulations throughout the country.

The reason, he said, will seek to encourage citizens to cooperate with the regulations.

He said, "If you don't (comply) and there is no authority for police to act under the regulations there will be the opportunity for the district medical officer to act under Public Health Act."

He continued, "In Trinidad and Tobago we have powerful stupid, please do not participate in that. If the police ask you to do something do it, don't say they don't have the power to tell you that. The medical officer has that authority and if what you are doing offends the Public Health Act the district medical officer has a lot of power to act."

‘No mask, no roti, no service’

No mask, no roti……no mask, no service!