Nessa Preppy Shreds Stereotypes In Her New Video For, ‘So High’ – DancehallMag

Sultry Trinidad & Tobago artiste Nessa Preppy is raising eyebrows with her latest track So High as she’s doing away with the stereotype that women don’t use marijuana.  Watch the video below.

Known more for her tantalizing lyrics like in her tracks Issa Snack and Tingo, she takes on a whole different issue with the video for the song, which features Boy Boy and London Future, and debuted on YouTube on April 26th. The video has since received more than 80,000 views.

So High is the first single from Preppy’s upcoming album, according to a release from the artiste.  The release says the track “is what many can categorise as a musical ode to the herb she has grown fond of”.  The release added, “not only has marijuana assisted with her anxiety and performing jitters but has also heightened her ability to create.”

Preppy says she has been a quiet advocate for the responsible use of marijuana for a number of years. “Whether you are a ganja smoker or not, the TT and R&B infused track is a definite attention grabber,” the media release said.

The video opens with a couple who are trying to figure out who had a lighter last before the man blazes up a joint attached to a cigarette as they prepare to take in Nessa’s video. The Tobagonian songstress is then shown with her own joint as he sings: “We gonna get so high tonight.”

London Future chimes in: “Tonight I wanna smoke some high grade.” Nessa replies: “I get so high, whenever you’re around me,” as the camera pans back to her enjoying a smoke. There’s no mistaking that she’s an advocate as she sings: “I’s a girl doh play with the weed smoke, roll up a spliff like ah roll up meh waste line.”

As expected in a video on this topic, displays of various variations of marijuana are shown. Some shots feature Nessa standing in a marijuana field before Boy Boy jumps on the track and also professes his love for the herb.

The video is of a high quality and is well done. The beat, which has elements of Dancehall and R&B is catchy and the song is not a bad tribute to marijuana. The risk she takes is proclaiming her affinity for it and that she is a smoker, however, she’s at no risk legally as Trinidad and Tobago decriminalized marijuana in December 2019.

Most fans seemed to love the song and praised the artiste for her stand and also recognized that she’s hugely gifted.

This fan said: “I can see Nessa crossing over into all genres easy easy!!,” even non-smokers said they enjoyed the track: “I’m not a smoker but this beat vibesy. Mad respect to the artistes on the track.”

The song also seemed to help her expand her fan base as this supporter commented: “So im currently smoking a blont and this was on my recomendation nice one big up from belize .” This fan felt that the tune was personally written for him: “Them personally sing this song for me highments I love it.”

If Nessa continues to crossover into new realms of music like this her career will surely take off on an upward trajectory.  Watch So High below.

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