Nearly 1,800 persons tested for COVID-19

The Min­istry of Health has con­firmed that 1,782 peo­ple have been test­ed for COVID-19 in this coun­try, since test­ing be­gan, with the num­ber of those con­firmed as pos­i­tive for the dis­ease be­ing 116 per­sons.

Ac­cord­ing to the min­istry’s lat­est COVID-19 Up­date, as of the morn­ing of Wednes­day 6 May 2020, the to­tal num­ber of sam­ples sub­mit­ted to CARPHA for test­ing was 2,114, of which 332 were re­peat­ed tests.

The fol­low­ing is the com­plete clin­i­cal up­date from the Min­istry…


As part of the na­tion­al dri­ve to safe­guard the health of the Trinidad and To­ba­go pop­u­la­tion in the face of the glob­al COVID-19 out­break, the Min­istry of Health con­tin­ues to pro­vide up-to-date in­for­ma­tion on the coun­try’s sta­tus in this re­gard.

The Min­istry of Health pro­vides the fol­low­ing clin­i­cal up­date as of the morn­ing of Wednes­day 6th May 2020:

2,114  =  Num­ber of sam­ples sub­mit­ted to the Caribbean Pub­lic Health Agency (CARPHA) for test­ing for COVID-19

1,782  =  Num­ber of unique pa­tient tests com­plet­ed

332  =  Num­ber of re­peat­ed tests

116  =  Num­ber of sam­ples which have test­ed pos­i­tive

8  =  Num­ber of deaths

103  =  Num­ber of per­sons dis­charged


COVID-19 Pa­tients in Hos­pi­tals

To­tal num­ber of hos­pi­tal­ized pa­tients – 1

*  Cau­ra Hos­pi­tal – 0

*  Cou­va Hos­pi­tal and Mul­ti-train­ing fa­cil­i­ty – 1

   –  Num­ber of pa­tients in In­ten­sive Care Unit (ICU) – 0

   –  Num­ber of pa­tients in High De­pen­den­cy Unit (HDU) – 1

   –  Num­ber of Am­bu­la­to­ry pa­tients – 0


COVID-19 Pa­tients in Step-down/ Tran­si­tion Fa­cil­i­ties

*  San­gre Grande Cen­tre (Brook­lyn Fa­cil­i­ty) – 0

*  Home of Foot­ball, Cou­va – 4

   –  All are low risk, sta­ble pa­tients


Please note:

In­ten­sive Care Units (ICUs) are hos­pi­tal wards that pro­vide treat­ment for peo­ple who are very ill. They are staffed with health care pro­fes­sion­als who are trained in ICU treat­ment and the use of so­phis­ti­cat­ed mon­i­tor­ing equip­ment.

High De­pen­den­cy Units (HDUs) are wards for peo­ple who need more ob­ser­va­tion, treat­ment and nurs­ing care than is pos­si­ble in a gen­er­al ward but slight­ly less than that giv­en in an In­ten­sive Care Unit.

An Am­bu­la­to­ry Pa­tient is able to walk about and is not bedrid­den.

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