My heart is full As Councillor for Belmont East, I make it my duty to form rel…

My heart is full

As Councillor for Belmont East, I make it my duty to form relationships with agencies that service the residents of Belmont – none more important than the Belmont Police Station. I reached out to the station and asked for their support with my food support initiative.

Firstly, I would like to thank ASP Pooran and Inspector Walker who graciously allowed me the use of parts of the station as my hamper factory and distribution point. Thank you to the officers who also donated funds from their very own pockets to contribute to this project. A few even helped me offload hampers from the truck.

I want to highlight one special officer as well. Sergeant Jason Parris, in spite of his hectic schedule, organised the fundraising effort of the police officers. He also helped me to pack hampers. He's a treasure 🙂

I want to publicly thank the Members of the Port of Spain City Council who unanimously motioned that our Corporation must continue to help those most in need at this time by way of food support.

To those who reached out to me secretly to donate to this wonderful cause…you are silent soldiers in this fight. I salute you!! Hampers are not cheap. Your financial assistance means the world to me and the people of Belmont East.

And finally, to a sweet sweet young lady with a heart of gold, a fellow Belmontarian – Dee Vine. Thank you so much for volunteering your time and muscle today. The world is a better place because you're in it. 🥰

Today was a success – we touched even more households! Councillor Nicole M. Young