MovieTowne owner picks up cancer patient from Bahamas on way home

Miracles do happen.

For 34-year-old cancer patient Krissa Bissoon, this saying holds true.

Bissoon, who had been stranded in Bahamas due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had been praying for a miracle to allow her to return to Trinidad and Tobago.

The Arima mother of one started a new job in Nassau, Bahamas in February of this year, shortly after which she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

She underwent emergency surgery in March and had been in stuck in Bahamas, after Trinidad and Tobago closed its borders.

Even though she was granted an exemption to return to the country last week, there were no available flights and she could not afford to charter a private plane.

Alone in a foreign land, the woman began feeling hopeless and desperate.

However, in act of humanity and kindness, MovieTowne owner Derek Chin agreed to help the woman return home.

Chin, who had been staying in Miami since February after undergoing a medical procedure, was also granted an exemption to return to Trinidad and Tobago by National Security Minister Stuart Young.

The MovieTowne owner, through his attorney made arrangements to pick her up on a private plane on his way home.

On learning of the good news, Bissoon said she was elated and screamed in joy.

Describing her journey home as a ‘miracle’, the woman, in a Facebook post, expressed her gratitude to the Government and the businessman for making it possible.

Both Chin and Bissoon returned to the country on Monday and are being quarantined at the Cascadia Hotel.

“I screamed with joy because I have been praying and praying for a miracle to happen. God answered my call and sent two of his angels one being the Minister and the other Mr Derek Chin. My journey to return home has left me desperate and to be placed in a situation where it was granted by these earth angels is beyond me. Mr Chin’s lawyer Mr Gadsby who was instrumental in organising the fine details of pick up from the Bahamas for myself, left me feeling that there is still so much hope in the world.”

“As I waited for my repatriation by this earth angel Mr Chin, I did not sleep the night before due to the excitement. My tears of joy streaming down my face as I anticipated the pick up which was orchestrated with the Honorable Minister Young , Mr Chin and the Bahamian government from Thursday to today. I am extremely please to advise all that Mr Chin and I landed in Trinidad today where we are being quarantined under the state. My family and I can not express our gratitude to these wonderful people,” she said.

She is also expected to begin treatment soon.

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