Michael Jordan and ‘The Last Dance,’ Episodes 9 & 10

How nice it would be if each of us could end our life at exactly the point of our greatest triumph, avoiding the disappointments, defeats and desperate drubbings that come along with aging. For Michael Jordan in The Last Dance, on top is exactly how it ends. I know, I know; you’re not surprised. To a large extent, Jordan remains suspended in time in Grant Park, the cheers of hundreds of thousands of grateful Chicagoans raining down upon him for the Bulls’ second three-peat, the eternal king, the all-time winner, the unchallenged GOAT. There are no glimpses here of his lower-octane self playing in his two final seasons with the Wizards, no deconstruction of his less-than-stellar career as a decision-maker with Washington and, later, with the Hornets, where today he remains chairman of a franchise that has won exactly three playoff games since 2006, the year Jordan first bought in.

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