Mark Boucher not convinced the West Indies tour is going to take place

Since the March shutdown‚ there hasn’t been any cricket‚ but Boucher has been impressed by the fitness levels shown by the players.

“We have to understand where we are now with regards to where the players are fitness wise. We haven’t had game time.

“There’s Saturday’s 3Team Cricket tournament for the Solidarity Cup‚ but I don’t expect our guys to be at 100 percent‚ even though there have been a couple of net sessions.

“If they’re at 80 percent‚ it’s understandable‚” Boucher said.

“The guys are looking good and very strong. It’s difficult to work on your fitness.

“I understand the guys can’t go to the gym‚ but they have been finding a way and we’ve been driving home that message.

“I’m very happy with where the guys are from a fitness perspective. Now that they’re also allowed to go to the nets‚ their enthusiasm has been great.”

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