Mankind – Bored To Tears, Amused To Death and Off To Mars

With self-satisfaction being at the forefront of most people’s minds, plus being entertained almost twenty-four seven and the instant satisfaction of their wants and needs, one might believe that the human race is well satisfied with life. Not true, I,m afraid, as many complain about being bored – almost to death – and they turn to hallucinatory inducing drugs to produce illusions, to consuming dangerously fatal narcotics; and doing the weirdest things to enhance their lives.

With world leaders plotting and planning their New World Order agendas, containing which areas of the world will be targeted next for designer wars and designer crimes, as designed by them to spread havoc with the sole purpose of controlling the world and it’s population. These are the games played by them, not to mention the colonization of Mars, which is set for the year 2023 because “we”, mankind, have wasted planet earth.

And with the majority of humankind living frantically busy lives, oblivious of the truths of reality and the after-life, do we ever wonder what we look like from outer space, beyond our hemisphere? Imagine being an alien scientist who is watching humankind self destruct and trash our God-given planet with a view to colonize and trash another.

A great song by Roger Waters entitled ‘Amused To Death’ expresses his thoughts wonderfully on this topic. The song paints the picture of everyday life with festivals and carnivals, racing cars, models wearing the latest in fashion, the luxurious eating of caviar, children strutting their stuff in Melrose, while an alien anthropologist watches from afar, trying to figure out what is happening to the species on Earth.

Here is a little excerpt from the lyrics:

“… and out in the valley, warm and clean, the little ones sit by their TV screens. No thoughts to think, no tears to cry, all sucked dry – down to the very last breath… “

The crux of the matter, the climactic statement in the song is, “… And then the alien anthropologists admitted they were still perplexed, but on eliminating every other reason for our sad demise, they logged the only explanation left. This species has amused itself to death. No tears to cry, no feelings left, this species has amused itself to death.”

All sucked dry, bored to tears, but amused to death

This is a very sad state of affairs indeed, but it paints an accurate picture of the way we live our lives here on Earth. It certainly is a remarkable statement and it raises the valid question: “Has this species, mankind, amused itself to death right here on planet Earth?”. If this is so, one wonders whether this is why we, in the form of NASA, feel pressed to explore our solar system further, to the point of colonizing another planet. More “amusement”, more excitement – until we trash Mars as well.

Source by Vaughan A Jones