Mandarin Oranges to Prevent Liver Cancer

You’ve heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but recent research has now shown that oranges, mandarin oranges in particular, are just as vital to your health as apples are. The vitamin C found in these citrus fruits is extremely important in preventing the onset of colds and helping keep the immune system in top shape. Vitamin C also helps the body protect itself from some types of cancers, as well as helps keep cholesterol levels down, and can be instrumental in preventing liver disease.

While vitamin C may be the most commonly known and highly touted component in oranges for overall health, it doesn’t work alone. Oranges are filled with other essential nutrients that play an equal role in the quality of your health, among them being flavanones and polyphenols. These other nutrients have anti-inflammatory properties, and are responsible for helping lower blood pressure.

Due to its high content of antioxidants, studies have shown that the juice from the mandarin orange is extremely beneficial in preventing the development of liver cancer in Hepatitis C patients. This should be reason enough to begin adding mandarin oranges to your daily diet. Plus, aside from their health-promoting qualities, they taste great and are inexpensive, so why not start your day off with this treat?

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Source by Nicole Cutler