Logo-Clad BMX Streetwear Bikes : supremes retro 1995 bmx

Those looking to ride into the summer months in style should look no further than Supreme’s Retro 1995 BMX dirt bike. Supreme has become known for its unconventional collaborations, in which is elevates everyday objects to something that’s high-fashion and infused with streetwear motifs. This latest drop is no different, offering a logo-clad BMX-inspired dirt bike that shows off one’s love of cycling and fashion.

The all-red bike features multiple Supreme logos, making it an instantly recognizable piece. This bike was made in collaboration with S&M Bikes and features an ultra-nostalgic feel. According to S&M Bikes founder, Chris Moeller, “As a company formed in 1994, Supreme is the perfect brand to help design and launch a classic bike from that era.”

Image credit: Supreme

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