Improving Your Day – How to Be Positive

In troubled times as of today, how do you stay positive? You are confined indoors and feel bored to death. How can you improve your day?

As you can understand, the coronavirus is spreading all over the world, which is highly contagious. The only way to be safe and also save others is to stay indoors with family.

But that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself get bored. There are a number of things you can do today to improve your day. Here are a few pointers:

  1. First of all, you cannot or may not focus on the c-virus all the time. This may paralyze you with fear and panic. Instead engage with your family, play with your children, watch movies and have fun inside of home.
  2. You need to take a first little step to keep you moving towards creative ideas inside of home. You may paint a picture or author a novel, first starting with a draft. You may or may not incorporate the c-virus in your writing. Go with the flow.
  3. Help your spouse with cooking and cook a dish too. Then enjoy dining at the table with your family.
  4. Do you love indoor hobbies like stamp collecting or coin collecting? When was the last time you concentrated on these? Now is the time to note which countries’ stamps or coins you already have and arrange them.
  5. Do you love poetry? You can write poems on anything around you that interests you. It can be your pet, spouse, child or anything else for that matter. You may even write a poem on c-virus.
  6. How about putting on light music and dancing with your spouse and children and having fun? Do you enjoy dancing? If yes, it will do your body a lot of good instead of sitting slump on the living room couch.
  7. How about being online? Do you have a Facebook account? If yes, you could chat with friends, post new ideas and like your friends’ attractive posts. This way you could elevate your mood. But do not while away all the time behind the computer. It’s important that you keep your family happy and involved as well.
  8. Of course you have work to do from home. Your company has given you orders to work from home instead of going to the office. So concentrate and be up-to-date with that part as well. Email your coworkers, team leader and/or your Boss for the matter.

Summing up, you have a lot on your plate. As my article shows, you can fight boredom while staying safe and get entwined with a number of indoor activities to improve your day and stay positive.

Source by Rosina S Khan