Humans and The Ever Ending Need to Pit Good Versus Evil Now Have A Problem

It has often been noted that to build a team, any type of team; society, religion, group, or committee you need an enemy, whether human or just an adversity to overcome. Human enemies are beatable, we intrinsically know this. Of course, if you can’t find an adversity to triumph over such as a great flood, Tornado, Hurricane, Typhoon, Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, or other natural disaster, then you’ll need a viable opponent you can conquer, something you can call; Evil!

When it comes to human leaders, well they will often choose various groups, such as wealthy people, or folks of other religions, nations, or some such thing as the bad guy “them” or they. And in doing so, many politicians and leaders inherently know that calling a group’s leader “an evil person” works well in rallying the troops for the battle cry, or organizing the people in rising up against a common cause.

Yes, some evil doers are much better than others. Hitler was an excellent “evil doer” to go after, so too were other notables in history. Amedinejad, Kim Jong Il, Gaddafi and others are, hmm, well, indeed perhaps decent evil bad guys from an American perspective, but will they suffice for the loss of our most villainous evil enemy? After all, the mental images of Osama bin Laden living in a secret cave running Al Qaeda does make a rather interesting spy novel, with potentially decent movie rights to the script.

Unfortunately, he’s been taken out (yes, that’s a good thing), but now what? You see, we now need a new “evil bad guy” to hate, in order to hold together our societal fabric and build unity. Silly isn’t it? But luckily, there are no end to potential things to call evil, and even Congress has asked to re-assign drug cartels as terrorists. Okay, and maybe they are, and that can work for now, but will it work long-term?

Often, there is something I’ve noted by those who lead by misdirecting hatred and negative energy to others, and that is; it all eventually comes around full-circle. For instance, Osama bin Laden labeled the West, and the US as evil, and looky what happened. Perhaps, our leaders will stop labeling things evil early and often, and rather concentrate on their own mirrors. And this is not to say that Osama bin Laden wasn’t an evil thinker, doer, and man, certainly he was all of that and more, but perhaps it’s time to reflect on all this looking at it from outside the box.

Maybe we all ought to learn from his mistakes prior to labeling another or a group of humans such things ourselves. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, it’s all just philosophy after all – in mankind’s struggle to create and conquer evil, and the on-going thirst to understand good versus evil. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow