How Tightly Closed Are Closed Minds?

When people stick their head in the sand and refuse to look around and see what they are missing the world is passing them by. But when they are told something that to others makes sense but they cannot be persuaded against their beliefs they are said to have a closed mind. That, unfortunately, is the case with the majority of the world’s population and it continues to astound me when reality passes them by.

Latching onto what they consider is a ‘good idea’ many will stick to it to the end. That is because they cannot reason another solution and the one that came first is usually their beacon for life.

This problem arises among religious cohorts. While the New Testament promotes things that are untrue the stories therein stand in their minds as they are brain-washed into them. Many think Christians are too narrow-minded in their approach to God and that they are so-so about biblical truth. This would be my assessment also and for good reason.

With memory of reincarnation and one who has studied the bible from cover to cover and back again, the outstanding feature about the book on which they base their allegiance is that it’s a fake. One can only believe either the one God of the Old Testament or the Trinity God of the New. There can be no acceptance of both unless one is blind or has a closed mind.

It’s not only religious people who have this condition, however, because people tend to believe in what they experience themselves and in little else. Unless they have memory of a previous life they dismiss it as fanciful. There is no real way around it because either one can accept it or reject it. It would seem that there are many who do accept it in Australia, which promotes free thought.

This puts the problem at the feet of those who are from countries where freedom of expression is forbidden. It is the people of those regions where the most closed or impenetrable minds reside. That is because the leaders refuse to allow outside influences to penetrate the barrier they maintain in order to keep the status quo.

It is people from those places whose minds are the most tightly closed of all because they have never been allowed free thought. This is not a condition of their choosing but of the authority over them, and it is the same in religions where brain-washing creates the same conditions.

Source by Norma Holt