How is COVID-19 Disproportionately Impacting Communities of Color?

Join us on Monday, May 11th at 5 p.m. for a live conversation featuring Marc Dones, Executive Director of National Innovation Service (NIS). Marc will lead a panel discussion (featuring Pamela Duncan, Manny Santiago, and Jacques Colon) about how and why COVID-19 is having such a significant and disproportionate impact in communities of color, here in Washington and across the country.

These discussions hosted by Metropolitan Development Council and Tacoma Urban League are geared toward our communities that are not in the mainstream flow of information. The conversations will continue each Monday at 5PM throughout the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

To register for the May 11th conversation, click here. Registered guests will be sent login information ahead of the meeting.

The conversation will be recorded and made available on the MDC website at for those who cannot attend the live sessions. We hope you will join us!

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