HHO Gas – The Revolution Has Just Begun

HHO is a gas. It is also know as brown gas. It is the byproduct of the electrolysis of water. This is a product which time delayed, as much as it has been over the course of the past fifty years, has finally arrived. This gas is the talk of legends, the myth, the culprit the big oil corporations do not want the average guy or gal to know about. But, the genie is out of the bottle, and no one can put it back in.

For years, this planet has been polluted with all sorts of chemicals that has directly taken a huge toll on both human, animal and vegetable life. These harmful chemicals have helped to decimate the planet creating what is known as the green house effect. Most of these chemicals are emissions from industrial machinery and the products of the power motive industry.

Problem is that this need not have happened, but for greed and avarice on the part of the multinational corporations. Reports are now surfacing that seems to implicate government agencies like NASA being in possession of evidence and proven experiments that suggests that the inclusion of HHO gas technology in the ignition system of all internal combustion engines is capable of reducing harmful emissions while at the same time increasing mileage and extending the mean time before breakdown stats of engines.

All these knowledge has been known but kept secret since the 1950’s. The same government that kept this secret has recently been making a lot of noise about how to make cars more efficient and how to reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. The same government has been taxing gas at breakneck rates for years with intent to reduce consumption and therefore emissions. All the while the simple inclusion of HHO gas technology in power motive systems would have gone a long way in achieving these objectives without the unnecessary pain to consumers.

Research on HHO gas has being ongoing for a long time. Resources for knowing more about these researches are included in the resource box. Anyone can apply this technology for their own use with a little bit of intuition.

A primer here is that:

  • HHO can easily be produced from water.
  • The methods are simple and easy to follow
  • Application and installation is a breeze
  • The results are astonishing
  • The opportunities are just fantastic.

The production of HHO gas is not as difficult or complicated as the average mind might try to conceive. It is known that water is a compressed form of the gas which can be liberated by electrolysis which is the decomposition of water using an electric current. The 12 volt battery in cars is well capable of producing the amount of current necessary to initiate and sustain the process.

The methods for producing HHO for use in cars is not very complicated. The source of the materials are readily available and inexpensive. What are needed are a jar that can be used as the electrolyzer, stainless steel electrodes and water.

Installation and application is not utterly complicated. It is suggested that you get the support of a mechanic if you find it too technical.

The results are outstanding. Sixty percent reduction in gas consumption. Increase in engine efficiency. Reduction to almost zero of harmful and noxious emissions from the tailpipe.

Having obtained the knowledge and the parts necessary, installed and gotten the system to work, the next thing is to rigorously test it to confirm the validity of the claims of its effectiveness before recommending it to friends, family members and others, which could open an entirely different avenue for a business opportunity. Saving money by whatever means possible is the main concern of many people at this point in time. This kind of project can accumulate a lot of buyers in no time at all for those who want to take it up as an occupation.

In the event that building the system from scratch seems to be a daunting task, there are websites that will sell complete ready to install kits to consumers. So, would you like to save money, help heal the environment and get an opportunity to make money, or would you rather stick your head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend like our political leaders that everything is just fine — when it is not.

Source by Adewale Atewogbade