Happiness Lies in Making Others Happy

If you notice someone who laughs constantly, loves to tell jokes and generally has a smile on their face most times, you would think that that person is truly happy. But you know that may not necessarily be the case. There is more to laughter and smiles to be happy. Someone who has a happy look on their face could just be ‘happy’ on the outside. But inside, their heart may be filled with sorry and pain.

There are those who believe that riches, money and power can make one happy. However to be rich may not always make one happy, neither does being poor necessarily make one miserable.


Happiness actually means different things to different people.


The Definition of Happiness


One dictionary defines happy as “feeling or showing contentment or pleasure”. Granted there are different things in our life that we could feel contented or pleased about. But are we generally contented and pleased about our life overall?


Most people depend on their happiness from different sources such as other people or material things. But what really makes a person happy? Happiness can only be determined by each individual person. You see, what might make John happy may not make Smith happy.


How to Achieve Happiness


To be really happy, a person must direct his attention on trying to make others happy. Forget about self and focus on the needs of others and happiness will come your way. It’s all about sacrifice and service. 


For example visiting an orphanage and giving your love and attention to a child who would never really feel the love of a mother or father is something that could make you happy and contented because you know you have improved the life of that child.


There are also aged and sick persons who don’t have someone to take care of them and they would really appreciate just someone to visit them just to talk or feel the companionship of somebody. This is all they need to make them happy.


Yes, certain material things can make us happy – for a while; but material things do not last forever. It is in giving we receive and what we receive from our efforts will remain with us for our lifetime.

Source by Lisa Granger